What is Simple IT?

There are many solutions for the IT needs of a business, and every business has both common and unique needs, like the pieces of a puzzle.

But which solutions fit your needs, your process and your budget? Which solutions remove the friction from doing business without driving up the cost of your IT?

Which pieces belong and which don't?


I can help you identify the friction in your processes.

I can help you sort through all the pieces of your IT puzzle to find the "missing piece" that ties it all together in a way that makes sense.

I can help you find the simple, straightforward solutions that match your needs and your budget.


Let me combine the right technologies with the data and processes that your business depends upon.

Let me help you define an IT strategy that supports the goals of your business.

Let me turn your IT into a resource that helps you to be a nimble and responsive competitor.

Let me help you put the pieces together. This is Simple IT.