Friday, November 11, 2011

Crossing bridges

Back to our story (finally!). I've talked about our transition from VMware to Hyper-V. It's still working well for us, no regrets there. I mentioned we dropped Symantec Client Security for Vipre Enterprise - that's also been a good choice. So what's left to simplify?

Hmm ... communications between our US facility and our México facility remained problematic. We have a Mitel hybrid digital/VoIP system, with IP phones in México connecting over VPN to the switch in the US. What else? Oh yes, that legacy UUNet T-1 which I so love for its quality but that Verizon is raping us for. Symantec has managed to make a mess out of Altiris app virtualization. Did I mention that I really dislike ISA Server? Exchange is starting to annoy me too. And our EMC CX-300 storage array is nearing capacity.