Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Belly of the Beast, Part 3

Data is here. No migration is without anomalies, so I have some hunting to do - missing records, missing fields. But the real excitement, as always, is with our users.

Change is exciting. New ERP system, new capabilities, information at our fingertips. Why am I always reminded of the 1980s IBM / Charlie Chaplin commercials? Information management never looked so easy!

Launch day is a different story. The magnitude of the change sinks in as users are introduced to the effort they now need to provide - that final push to make the new system useful. Problems to surface, gaps to fill, processes to learn, data to enter.

Yesterday saw its share of freak-outs. This morning I'm on my way to our México facility as a new group of users are introduced to QAD.

Wait, can we have our Vantage back ... please?

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