Privacy Policy does not collect personal information from our website visitors. However, this website is hosted on Google's Blogger platform, and we do use Google Analytics on

Google Analytics collects data about our visitors, including:

  • How you got here
  • How long you stayed
  • What country and IP address you visited from
  • Your operating system and browser version
  • Possibly other kinds of data of which we're not aware

We use the Google Analytics data to get an understanding of who comes to visit this website, and what content they like (or don't like). We use this information to decide what kind of content we should publish on our website.

According to the Google Analytics terms of service, no personally-identifiable information is gathered by Google Analytics.

  • You can find the Google Analytics terms of service here
  • You can find Google's privacy policy here
  • You can find out how to opt-out of Google ad tracking here

If you have any comments or questions regarding's privacy policy, please email us at "privacy @ jsage dot com".

Thank you for visiting!

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